METHODOLOGY //These are the process phases

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1.- Interview

  • Meeting with the Purchasing department to identify strenghts and opportunity áreas, establish clear goals and determine objectives.
  • Issues/problems specification.
  • Accountability: who, what, how and when.
  • List of indirects (amount, frequency, type, technical datasheet, evaluation criteria, delivery,  etc.

2.- Selection


  • Document meeting information.
  • Supplier selection based on technical datasheets and establish a commercial relationship according to oue customer requirements

3.- Suppliers Introduction

  • Prepare a comparative table that includes pre-qualified suppliers according to the selection criteria for easy review and analysis.

4.- Reunión de proveedor con cliente

  •  Interview with the requesting área to establish the action plan.

5.- Commercial Relationship

  • Start of operations according to the previously established action plan.

6.- Re-Evaluation, Supervision and Follow-Up

  • Leverage the many suppliers connections to mee tour customers unique requirements.
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